Why We Don’t Have Salespeople

  • Why We Don’t Have Salespeople

    Why We Don’t Have Salespeople

    Be honest. What’s the first thing you think when you get a LinkedIn connection invitation from a person with “Sales” in their title? Unless you know him or her very well, you’re probably going to decline it so you don’t start seeing a new stream of daily sales pitches and reposted marketing material.

    So, if I tend to avoid salespeople, why would I inflict a salesperson “gatekeeper” on someone who wants more information about our small- to medium-sized business outsourced IT solutions and services? I’m extremely proud of our techs and the members of our management team. To a person, we know IT. We live and breathe it. And that’s what should be loud and clear to anyone checking us out. Why would we subject that small- to medium-sized business owner to someone who usually can’t answer technical questions and who’s simply reading the details of our service contracts, asking pre-screening questions, and pressing for a close?

    Do we want to serve more clients? Of course! And we’ll continue to grow through word of mouth and referrals. And when those companies contact us to describe their needs and concerns, they’ll talk with a knowledgeable IT professional—someone who’s not on a commission or even trained in sales.

    We don’t have salespeople, sales incentives, or sales training. Our business IT expertise sells us.

    Let’s face it. A salesperson will sell you the solution that’s best for them, usually to maximize their commissions or meet quotas. But when you contact Analytics, you’ll be talking either with me, our COO Ron Bauer, or one of our small- medium-sized business IT techs. Regardless, after you’ve told us about your challenges and your work environment, we’ll tell you whether or how we can deliver the scope of services you truly need. Chances are, we’ll be working with you for years to come, so credibility is important…beginning with that very first conversation.

    I’ll admit, we’ve used salespeople in the past. I found that it took far more time to train that person on our outsourced IT solutions than it was worth. IT is constantly evolving, and that means small-medium-sized business IT best practices and solutions are evolving as well. Everyone working in the IT managed service provider space needs to have a passion for it and be immersed in it to stay knowledgeable, relevant, and valuable.

    If you’re thinking of buying a car and have it narrowed down to five models, who do you go to for more information? A car salesman or your trusted mechanic?

    We respect and value small and medium-sized businesses way too much to waste their time on sales.

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