Unlimited Tech Support Through Virtual Help Desk

As technology evolves, the capabilities of support providers continue to grow. One key benefit of the constantly advancing technology is that your tech support team can help you resolve IT problems remotely. Gone are the days of dialing a 1-800 number only to sit on hold for hours and be told an engineer can’t come out to your office until next week. With our Virtual Help Desk, you’re one click away from expert support provided by trained technicians who are as dedicated to the success of your business as you are.

What Is The Virtual Help Desk?

Based out of our Denver office, the Virtual Help Desk is staffed 12 hours a day with on-call technicians available after hours to support your critical IT needs. Our engineers and technicians specialize in:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange administration
  • Windows Server 2016

Our virtual help desk is run by direct employees of Analytics Computers who are not only based in Denver, Colorado, but also adhere to our high standards of continued education. All our technicians participate in ongoing professional development that’s focused on continued technical training and certification. You won’t find more convenient tech support from more qualified providers.

How Does Unlimited Tech Support From Analytics Computers Work?

Our unlimited Virtual Help Desk has a flat monthly fee of $55 for 24/7 support from our highly trained technicians. You can contact our team via email, chat, or phone for any and all technical issues you may be experiencing.

Additionally, this unlimited membership features WebRoot Anti-Virus software to protect against malware and viruses proactively. The Virtual Help Desk is commitment-free. There’s no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Some of the most common support issues our unlimited Virtual Help Desk can resolve include:

  • Software installations
  • Password resets
  • Printer configurations
  • Application add-ons & plug-ins
  • Support for common applications
  • VoIP software support
  • File share syncing software

Our unlimited tech support pros can act as your in-house IT team because they are available to you for anything and everything you might need when it comes to your fundamental IT infrastructure.

Signing Up For The Unlimited Tech Support

When you sign up for the Unlimited Help Desk, you’ll be emailed a link immediately that gives you access to the exclusive software that hosts our support team. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll gain access to expert support from trained IT professionals.

Benefits of Virtual Tech Support

Small businesses often struggle when it comes to outsourced IT support. The big IT firms that can offer everything you need don’t give the little guys the time of day. The firms that do cater to single-workspace operations can’t provide the necessary expertise beyond Tier-1 tech support.

Our Virtual Help Desk bridges the gap for small businesses to provide affordable technical support with the necessary expertise. If you run into a problem that’s more advanced than Tier-1 tech support, we have the in-house resources to escalate the issue to an experienced technician. Better yet, with our no-obligation support, we can bill in 15-minute increments for additional support to make sure your IT support isn’t compromised by cost.

Our unlimited tech support subscription breaks the reactive cycle of tech support. You’ll no longer be throwing good money after bad with $100+ per hour technical support that leaves your technology down for who knows how long. With a low-cost monthly bill, you can proactively manage your IT infrastructure and easily resolve problems if and when they arise.

Unlimited Tech Support From Denver IT Experts

Analytics Computers is Denver’s trusted provider of outsourced IT services, including our unlimited Virtual Help Desk. Our customer reviews and BBB A+ rating speak for themselves.

If you need emergency tech support or you’re looking for a budget-conscious option that protects the IT infrastructure of your small business, consider our unlimited tech support subscription. Contact our team of IT experts to learn more or sign up for our unlimited tech support here.