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Are you a current client who needs access to the Remote Help Desk now? Download Teamviewer so our Remote Help Desk can access your IT solutions and help you resolve your problems efficiently.

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Do You Need Technical Support From A Pro?

Any computer concern can feel like a crisis before IT expertise gets involved. Given the growing complexity of IT, most users are ready to assume the worst when things look or act differently than they are used to in their IT space.This is why we encourage our clients to contact our remote help desk as soon as there is a hint of trouble. We co-locate our team of troubleshooters in one office, so they can quickly collaborate and collectively diagnose problems and offer solutions. They also remotely take care of many routine matters, such as setting up a new user or a new email account. We offer one of the most robust and reliable remote help desks in the Denver area so we can best serve our clients.

Rely On Analytics Computers For IT Expertise

The Analytics Computers Remote Help Desk is located in our Denver office and is staffed 12 hours per day. Our techs are on-call to provide support after hours for critical timely issues. Our technicians are highly trained and certified in areas such as Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange administration, and Windows Server 2016 administration. They are also revered employees of Analytics Computers where they partake in a progressive professional development program that includes rigorous pursuit of ongoing technical training and certification. This not only makes them best suited to serve our clients but also allows them the opportunity to achieve their personal development goals.

What does all this experience and training mean for you as a client? It means that our remote help desk technicians can take care of a typical user request for things like desktop support, adding or changing users, resetting passwords, Microsoft Office issues, virus and malware issues, and problems with commonly-used applications in a timely and efficient manner.

How Does The Remote Help Desk Work?

Our remote help desk is staffed with troubleshooters who serve as our “first-responders.” They will assess and address your IT-related problems by leveraging several types of remote access tools to connect to your network and work with any component that is “on” and accessible through the Internet.

Complications that can be quickly resolved will be. If they uncover more complex or time-consuming problems, the remote help desk team will escalate the problem to our onsite IT support team and your designated technicians will take over. You can trust that regardless of the complexity of the problem, our remote help desk will have your IT systems up and running as they should be in no time.

The Analytics Computers Remote Help Desk

Access to our remote help desk is included in every service agreement we have with our clients. It can be customized depending on your IT needs. Whether you want to have a set number of hours for a flat fee with the option to add additional access to the remote help desk on an hourly basis or you opt for our unlimited help desk arrangement that is priced based on the number of users, Analytics Computers has an IT support solution that will work for you.

To learn more about our service agreements and remote help desk capabilities, contact Analytics Computers today.