Moving Offices? Let A Pro Handle Your Computer Transport Services

Whether your lease is up and it’s time to relocate offices or you’re opening a new office and need to fill it with furniture, appliances, and technology, you want to ensure you work out all the details pertaining to your move prior to beginning the physical labor. One factor that is often forgotten when a business is preparing for a relocation is that corporate moving companies rarely have the training and expertise required to safely execute a technology move and/or computer transport. In today’s society, all businesses rely on technology on some level, so it is essential for every business to enlist the help of industry experts when they are moving to minimize downtime.

Disassembling Technology

More often than not, computer transport ends up being a bigger job than most business owners anticipate. From tearing down workstations and disassembling the related technology to relocating everything to the appropriate office with all the accessories, there is a large margin for error that is only exacerbated by lack of experience in computer transport and technical moves. Specialized IT movers will orchestrate the entire move strategically, starting a documentation system that allows them to keep track of all the supplies that need to be relocated and where they need to end up. This methodology significantly reduces the margin for error during the move and can expedite the total timeline, keeping your business operations on schedule.

Executing The Computer Transport

When the preparation for the move is complete, your IT movers will begin the process of transporting all of your technology. It will look something like this:

  • Identify and map all technology from source to destination
  • Label all cables, cords, and accessories according to the designated computer transport system
  • Wrap all large components to prevent damage
  • Pack smaller components to eliminate chances for loss or damage
  • Relocate all technology
  • Reassemble and test all technology to ensure proper re-installation and configuration

The final stages of the computer transport process with experienced IT movers is among the most important services they can offer your business. If you rely on traditional moving companies to relocate your technology, you will get your things moved from point A to point B and that’s it. With IT movers who specialize in computer transport, you’ll not only ensure a safe and strategic move, but you’ll also be able to count on all of your technology being properly configured and ready to go at your new location. From testing cord lengths on adjustable desks to configuring your internet connection for your VoIP phone systems, you IT movers will ensure operations can pick up right where they left off upon arriving at your new location.

Why Hire Specialized IT Movers?

Minimizing downtime between relocation and getting back online is precisely the advantage you get by hiring IT movers to handle your computer transport. By spending a few extra moments prior to your business move to vet and hire specialty movers who know how to handle your technology, you’ll save time and money on the back end by getting back online more quickly. You can also trust that all of your technology components will be in the offices they need to be, with the right accessories, and connected to the appropriate networks for maximum productivity from day one in your new space.

If you are getting ready to relocate offices and want to minimize risk and downtime, contact the computer transport specialists at Analytics Computers today.