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At Analytics Computers, we pride ourselves on providing leading computer support in Denver. We offer a wide range of computer support to small businesses across the Denver metro area in a variety of different disciplines. Let’s discuss the different computer support options we offer to our clients.

Desktop And Laptop Support

The most common need for computer support in Denver revolves around desktop and laptop computers. Our remote help desk technicians can work with you resolve a problem, take care of routine business computer support tasks, and perform preventative maintenance. Everything from setting up new users adding accessories like keyboards and printers to scanning and removing viruses and troubleshooting hardware problems can be taken care of by our remote help desk. Should you require onsite computer support, we’ll deploy your designated technicians to offer face-to-face desktop or laptop support.

Computer Repairs

For the most part, computers are relatively durable pieces of technology. However, every once in a while, the situation presents itself where you need expert computer support in Denver. While we are not a Dell warranty service provider, we are able to provide basic repairs in our Denver-based shop. We can perform simple tasks like replacing or upgrading a hard drive or coordinate with Dell to provide cost-effective equipment repairs for more complex problems.

Malware Virus Removal

Even with anti-virus software, the occasional malware virus can still slip through the cracks. Part of our computer support service includes clearing mild and moderate viruses from your system, either through our remote help desk or with an onsite support technician. In addition to virus removal, we will assist in data recovery effort to help you restore lost or damaged files.

Mobile And Tablet Support

In today’s day and age, computer support in Denver no longer strictly applies to computers. We have robust mobile and tablet expertise and can help you with the software on your devices. We will configure them to your network and assist you with setting up email or other forms of communication so that your team can work effectively and efficiently from a variety of devices.

Hardware Sales

Analytics Computers is proud to be an authorized Dell reseller for desktops, laptops, servers, and network devices. With more than 30 years of experience providing computer support in Denver, we strongly believe that Dell offers the best and most reliable hardware products and related support. We have Gold Level access to Dell’s high-level tech support resources, so we can quickly solve the most challenging and complex problems for our clients. In addition to our relationship with Dell, we also service nearly all other PC products available on the market.

Software Sales

Your hardware is nothing without the right software solutions. It is important to use the correct basic software to maintain optimal computer and network efficiencies within your work environment. Our computer support in Denver includes installation of the ideal anti-virus software, along with Microsoft operating systems and office produces that will help your business meet industry needs, not only now but also in the years to come.

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Whether you are unsure about your software needs or you need support with hardware selection, repair, or replacement, Analytics Computers offers the best computer support in Denver. Contact us today to learn more about our computer support service agreements.