Outsourced IT Department

Denver’s Solution for a Quality Outsourced IT Department

What’s the biggest threat to your business operations today?

As a business owner or manager, you’re hearing way too many horror stories about stolen customer data, companies held hostage to ransomware, system crashes, and lost or corrupted data. In the back of your mind you know these kinds of IT catastrophes could just as easily happen to you—it’s only a question of when, not if.

Is that keeping you up at night? It should.

If you run a small to midsize company, you need comprehensive IT expertise. You know that. But what if you don’t have the resources to staff an IT department?

The solution is to outsource your IT function to Analytics Computers.


Why trust Analytics as your outsourced IT department?

Analytics has been offering comprehensive, outsourced IT support for small Denver businesses since 1995. We’ve grown and evolved right along with the increasing complexity of the IT industry.

When you work with Analytics, you’ll have two techs assigned to your company familiar with your IT network. This outsourced IT team will be available to address your concerns on short notice and will proactively maintain and enhance your system. It may sound old-fashioned, but our techs are co-located in our Denver office and their ongoing collaboration and joint problem solving on behalf of our clients is incredible to see.

Analytics has been providing outsourced IT services for companies in the Metro-Denver area for almost three decades. We’ve expanded consistently year after year—including double-digit annual growth over the last five years. That demonstrates we’re here for the long haul and we have a record of success with our clients.

What does Analytics provide as an outsourced IT department?

We’ll manage the complete range of IT services for you—critical functions like system security, problem resolution, software licensing and management, data backups, network and server maintenance, and more. When Analytics steps in as your outsourced IT department, you and your teams can confidently push forward with day-to-day business while developing plans for growth and expansion.

We offer monthly service agreements so you have complete IT coverage for things like:

  • security and system performance assessments

  • infrastructure design

  • proactive remote system monitoring and repair

  • help desk support

  • regularly scheduled remote and on-site support

  • software upgrades and patch management

  • hardware and software integration

Under an Analytics service agreement, you’ll also have the option to add enterprise-wide applications and support services such as:

  • antivirus protection

  • spam filtering

  • firewalls

  • data backup

  • training

  • hosted email

  • database development

  • custom programming


Why our customers love outsourcing their IT to Analytics.

Too many Denver-area outsourced IT service providers enter the market with little enterprise-level support experience. They may know their way around a desktop, but they’re quickly in over their heads with multi-user/multi-facility systems. Many of our current clients came to us after failed experiences with their prior IT company. IT shortcuts and workarounds are not solutions.

When our clients hear accounts of major IT security breaches or warnings about the latest international threats, they have confidence that we’re already insulating them from these dangers. They also appreciate having an outsourced IT team that’s always behind the scenes managing software updates, backing up data, repelling Internet threats, ensuring network functionality, and proactively addressing/monitoring all the other technical details that help ensure they won’t experience disruptive downtime.

You, too, will quickly come to expect and fully rely on an IT system that won’t let you down.  

How do I get started?

Contact us today to discuss an outsourced IT solution that provides the IT expertise and protection your business needs…before it’s too late.