IT Security

IT Security Services for Denver Area Businesses

Stories of massive data breaches or new online cyber threats seem to pop up in the media at least monthly. While these accounts only make the news periodically, malicious cyber destruction is happening every day. Small to midsize businesses like yours are continually under assault from online criminals who want to infiltrate your system for profit and from cyber bullies who would destroy your company for sport.

We continually evaluate IT security solutions for midsized businesses and put the best ones to work for our Denver-area clients. We’ll work closely with you to understand your user environment and then implement and maintain an ideal, comprehensive IT security solutions.

Anti-Virus and Malware – Viruses and malware are most often introduced when users accidentally click on harmful links in unsolicited (but often legitimate-looking) emails or through careless Internet surfing. We offer the Cloud-based Barracuda® firewall protection against spam, viruses, and malicious malware. We place this edge appliance firewall between the Internet and your network, where it continually screens emails and other activity to detect and filter out incoming threats.

Security Protection as a Service – We also integrate the exceptional SonicWALL® firewall on premise at your network’s gateway. It not only screens for viruses and malware, but inspects incoming, secure (https) website traffic and monitors other network activity for known exploits and hacking attempts. It’s updated continuously to keep up with the latest cyber hacking tactics.

Web Content Filtering – We’ll supplement the SonicWALL firewall with web content controls that prevent users from accessing certain categories of sites—for example social media or gaming. We can customize the access controls for each user in your organization, based perhaps on their job function or level.

IT Security: Best Practices for Midsized Businesses

It’s not enough simply to load these tools onto your systems and networks. They must continually be updated as new versions are released to stay ahead of emerging and evolving threats. We’ll combine these tools into your customized business IT security system and keep everything up to date for you.

And don’t forget that IT security best practices for midsized businesses include continual user training and oversight. Employees are the weak link in nearly every breach, for example due to inadequate password protection or careless clicking. You can often protect your system from those missteps with filtering and firewalls…but not always.