Get The Best Data Protection Solutions From Analytics Computers

Any organization that has lost its data usually only makes that mistake once. Even if the information is ultimately recovered, the process can be complex, time consuming, disruptive, and very, very costly. In order to prevent data loss in your business, you want to have computer backup services in place that can be called upon if and when disaster strikes.

There are a number of different options when it comes to computer backup services. The right choice for you business will depend on your operating system, size, amount of data, required speed of recovery, and cost. We offer computer backup services that satisfy each and every scenario. Let’s discuss some of our most popular backup options.

Third-Party Computer Backup Services

Analytics Computers offers both first- and third-party computer backup services. Each service has unique benefits that businesses can leverage depending on their data protection and disaster recovery needs.

First-Party Computer Backup Services

In addition to relationships with third-party providers of computer backup services, Analytics Computers can also offer remote backup service that is monitored and maintained by our team of data protection experts.

Remote Backup Service (RBS)

Analytics’ remote backup service is an affordable, reliable, business class service that will backup Window-based systems, servers, desktops, or laptop computers. All backups are kept in a secure remote location on hardware owned and operated exclusively by Analytics. Your data is encrypted on your local machine before being uploaded to ensure secure transfers and all information is password protected to maximize security.

Our remote backup service is supported by regular monitoring services that ensure your backups are taking place as scheduled. The last thing you want in the event of a disaster is to discover that your backups haven’t been running properly.

With our remote backup service, we can customize the data that’s backed up, store that data for a year, or longer at your request, and help you recover your systems and restore that data within an hour in the event of a disaster.

Data Protection With Computer Backup Services

Analytics Computers can help you keep your data protected with computer and remote backup service. Don’t let a natural or cyber disaster wreak havoc on your business operations by finding a backup solution that suits your needs.

Contact Analytics Computers today to discuss our computer backup services and find a solution that works for your business.