Happy 7 Year Anniversary TJ!

  • Happy 7 Year Anniversary TJ!

    Mr. TJ Bruning has been a technician for Analytics for 7 solid years.

    Now, he may look a little crazy in this picture, but he is only crazy for technology! TJ is one of our top technicians and he learns and adapts to technology more and more every day to better assist all of our clients on a day to day basis. Analytics has watched TJ grow as a technician and as a person for the past 7 years. TJ has gained more and more responsibilities over the years and currently manages our Help Desk Team. For the past 7 years, TJ has built a lot of solid business relationships with our clients and they are very happy with the services and information he provides. Whatever challenges TJ is faced with, he never gave up and always pulled through for the Analytics team. For instance, in the below picture, TJ is currently crawling around in a crawl space while working on cabling for one of our valued clients. Crawl space, plus drill, plus cables…..I would say that is definitely a challenge, and TJ conquered it.

    TJ loves what he does and he enjoys bringing happiness to our clients. TJ is a strong technician and there are many things regarding today’s newest technology that he even teaches some of those here at Analytics. He has truly devoted himself to Analytics for 7 years and all his efforts and hard work have never gone unnoticed. TJ is truly appreciated and valued and all of us here at Analytics are excited to continue to work by his side for the next 7 or more years ahead.

    TJ – thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Without you as a part of the Analytics team, things would not be the same. Like everyone else on the team, you bring a special ingredient and without that ingredient things would not have been the same here for the past 7 years. We enjoy having you and we appreciate everything you have done and we are grateful to have you as a part of the staff.


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