Featured Technology Providers

Analytics Computers is proud to have great relationships with many of the different providers in the IT space. As a leading provider ourselves of IT support services in Denver, we strive to ensure that our clients have access to the best the industry has to offer, which is why we want to share a few of our featured providers with you.

Dell – Hardware & Software

Dell is an American-based technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related technology. From personal computers and servers to network switches and data storage devices and everything in between, Dell provides some of the highest quality technology solutions available on the market today. Analytics Computers is proud to work with Dell and offer expert, industry-leading support to clients using their systems.

SonicWALL – IT Security

IT security is one of the most important technological investments a business can make. As such, we refer most of our clients to SonicWALL for Security Protection as as Service (SPaaS). This is one of the many layers we employ to create a strong firewall that is installed at your network’s gateway to keep your systems protected. SonicWALL features specializations for problems related to HIPAA and PCI compliance issues, making it the ideal solution for businesses in a variety of industries, even those with the most stringent of compliance requirements.

Allworx – VoIP

Allworx started as an engineering consulting firm who developed their robust VoIP solutions when they were looking for a replacement for their own phone systems and couldn’t find anything that offered what they needed. Making its debut in 2003, Allworx has grown to serve more than 30,000 customers with their highly-efficient VoIP phone systems.

Net2phone – VoIP

Net2phone is another leading VoIP provider, offering the best in cloud-based VoIP phone systems. Net2phone prides themselves on being large enough to serve, while being small enough to know their client base – a model we feel very strongly about at Analytics Computers. Our relationships with both hosted and on-site VoIP providers ensure that our clients can find the right telecommunications solutions for their business.

Datto Computer Backup Services

Datto – Remote Backup Systems

Datto offers remote backup services and cyber security support. Having grown rapidly since its inception in 2007, Datto has proven they are an industry leader with exceptional service and support. With onsite and cloud based options, businesses can customize a cyber security solution that best suits their needs.

Macrium Computer Backup Services

Macrium Reflect – Remote Backup Systems

Macrium Reflect is an alternative provider for users who don’t want to use the Windows Server Backup. Their backup solutions allow for customization, depending on the needs of the business, all with the simplicity of a one-time purchase and the support of the experts at Analytics Computers.

Veeam Computer Backup Services

Veeam – Remote Backup Services

Veeam specializes in backup, disaster recovery, and data management software. The Swiss-based company was inspired by the idea of virtual machinery and has since grown to offer unique backup solutions for businesses. Veeam is one of the only computer backup providers who can offer the capability to restore full VM images, making their technology an ideal solution for a variety of businesses.

To learn more about our featured providers and why our technicians are proud to represent them, contact our team at Analytics Computers today. Schedule a meeting to find out which of the many solutions our featured providers can offer may be right for your business.