Business Server Support

Server Support for Denver Area Businesses

Servers are a key component of every business network. Server hardware and software sit at the crossroads of nearly all IT functions as they control and share the flow of information, tasks, and requests. Since organizations are constantly changing and growing, they should regularly upgrade their servers to take advantage of enhanced capability, speed, capacity, and reliability.


Business Server Support Options

Servers can be local (onsite) or hosted (Cloud-based). We work with Denver-area midsized companies to design ideal server solution configurations based on factors like number of employees, employee location, information-sharing requirements, office locations, and physical office layouts. Ideally, we recommend a modular approach, utilizing host servers and virtual servers either in a local or hosted environment for functions like domain authentication, network printing, domain control, file permissions and storage, and database management.

Business Server Support Services

New Server and Network Upgrades – We provide end-to-end server support, from network design and installation to monitoring and replacement. This is an ongoing process, as we strategically integrate new, upgraded servers to maximize your business network performance.

Remote Monitoring and Management – Through our automated endpoint management (AEM) remote server monitoring, we can track server inventory, performance, capacity, and even server licensing. The AEM dashboard also tracks cyber hack attempts so we can identify sources of those attacks and lock them out of your network at your firewall, doubling up on your security.  

Existing Server Management – We’ll incorporate your existing servers into our AEM, allowing for maintenance and management of the server operating systems and Microsoft-based applications.

Hosted Application Servers – If you want to provide shared access to certain software applications for users in multiple locations, we’ll provide it in the Cloud in a software-as-a-service arrangement with Internet access to our secure, Denver-area data center.

System Maintenance – Servers and IT systems can become overtaxed and unreliable. They deteriorate over time due to environmental factors, dirt and dust contamination, hardware problems, and simple wear and tear. You may even outgrow a server’s limited capacity. We’ll monitor and maintain your servers with regular onsite and remote attention and keep them working until it makes sense to replace or upgrade them.