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Monday, 18 March 2019 19:13

Analytics Computers is a proud member of the Business Resource Alliance Group in Denver. As such, we’ve had the opportunity to sponsor the upcoming event on the “Curiosity Of Change” featuring keynote speaker André van Hall.

Meet André van Hall

André van Hall has made a name for himself as a “Curiosity Instigator.” In the midst of an executive career, André developed rapid-onset blindness. What started as an inability to see below his chest, quickly grew and was irreversible. He began to question: how would he get to work? Better yet, how would he do his work, at all?

He quickly realized he could respond to this life changing experience one of two ways: he could simply continue living with the necessary accommodations or he could allow his curiosity to push him to thrive. Upon this realization, André decided to thrive.

Curiosity And Change Attitude

Successful change is all about attitude. André explains that “adopting an attitude of curiosity allows you to innovate, create a culture or curiosity, and mobilize your team toward forward thinking.” Whether you are an individual contributing to a larger organization or you are the leader of a department or company striving to create a culture that moves your organization forward, an attitude of curiosity helps one not only embrace change, but also instigate positive change and adapt to disruptive change. This behavior is essential to successful change leadership.


Change Leadership and Your Business

At Analytics Computers, we strive to create a culture of positive change. When the opportunity to sponsor this BRAG event with André van Hall presented itself, we simply couldn’t pass it up. Our involvement in BRAG Denver has allowed our team to be exposed to various leadership development opportunities, but The Curiosity of Change was especially important to us as change leaders in the IT arena. The foundation of André’s presentations align perfectly with the Analytics Computers internal and external business model. Curiosity is the key to instigating positive change within your organization or industry and André van Hall presents a unique opportunity that we believe everyone should take advantage of. At this presentation, participants will learn how to:

  • Actively seek out positive change
  • Readily adapt to environmental change
  • Anticipate and lead change
  • And so much more.

André van Hall’s life experience, while an uncommon occurrence, is not uncommon on principle. Throughout our personal and professional lives, we will encounter change and we can allow them to inspire or hinder our progress forward. André’s messaging helps us identify these potential challenges and adopt a mindset that allows us to overcome them.

Analytics Computers + André van Hall

As part of our sponsorship, Analytics Computers is offering a FREE network analysis to one lucky winner who attends this event. Network analysis requires a specialized tool and expertise that is valued at $1,000. You could be the attendee who inspires change within their organization with an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure.

We are proud to sponsor André van Hall’s BRAG Denver debut on Thursday, May 9th at the Lakewood Country Club. Registration and networking will begin at 7:15am. André van Hall’s presentation on The Curiosity of Change will start promptly at 8:00am followed by an informal Q&A with the speaker. Space for this event is limited and – trust us – you won’t want to miss it. If you are interested in attending this event and transforming your attitude to adapt to and instigate positive change, let us know below.

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