Analytics Beloved Mascot…..Rufus

  • Analytics Beloved Mascot…..Rufus


    Analytics was proud to have our beloved mascot Rufus here at the office almost every day. His smiling face, wagging tail, excited and upbeat attitude always brought smiles to our faces. Rufus was very welcoming. Always made you feel like a celebrity when you walked in the door.

    Rufus was a very kind, obedient dog who would give anyone around a good slobbery kiss on the face if you asked. His love for treats made us all laugh…..Rufus was very spoiled. He was very smart, always knowing the people that would hand him the most treats. Just look at that happy face – who could resist?!


    Rufus was not just loved here at Analytics but was also very well known throughout the neighborhood and was welcome where ever the scents in the air took him. When he napped he was still running around like a young pup, trying to catch those rabbits in his dreams.

    On August 5, 2015 around 2:30am, Rufus had passed away in his sleep. His owners, Calvin and Cindy and their family were with him for they knew Rufus was near the end. Rufus lived a very long and happy dog life and he will never be forgotten. He was very strong and had a big heart. All of us that knew Rufus will cherish the memories and the enthusiasm he brought to the office and fellow neighbors.

    Rest In Peace Rufus – we are sure you will be the King of Doggy Heaven!

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