Scott Oleson


Scott is a Native Coloradan and has been working in technology since the late 1980's including time spent with companies like Blue Cross of North Dakota.  Recently having served in the capacity of a fractional chief information officer.  My goal in helping small businesses use technology to allow them to keep ahead of their competition.  Scott is tri-lingual speaking English, Russian and Ukrainian.  He loves traveling internationally and has visited 12+ countries throughout the world

Andrew Katzenberger

VP of Business Development

A firm believer that technology that works well should be a force multiplier for productivity. Andrew has a long history helping his clients meet their technology goals, finding unique solutions to problems in a way where everyone wins. A transplant from Idaho, Andrew loves camping, skiing and getting back home to visit family.

Jared Bedwell

VP of Service Delivery

Jared is a Colorado native and has been in technology working for both large and small businesses for over 20 years.  He knows systems from Linux to Windows, from office equipment to servers and everything in between.  There exist few computer systems that Jared has not worked on in his career.  Jared's passion are his dogs and spending time outdoors.

Corey Joffrion

Network Administrator

My philosophy is organization and efficiency allow everyone to shine. So, working with desktop operating systems since before Y2K and utilizing built-in apps like the Snipping Tool give everyone access to the tools to capture ideas and communicate effectively. Mastering concepts like Active Directory and Group Policy enhances your IT infrastructure. My Allworx telephone certification allows me to incorporate networking skills to round out my background.

David Johnson

Network Systems Administrator

Coming from a technical background of 12 years, Dave was born in Germany and partially raised in Indonesia.  Dave was exposed to multiple cultures at a young age, which in turn, created an addiction.  Dave loves to travel around the world to get his fix in cross-cultural experiences.  Snowboarding, golfing, fishing and hiking is what he loves to do…around the world.  When he is done resolving technical issues, you can find him in line waiting to board the next flight out.

Josh Bruning

Computer Systems Analyst

Colorado native with 8 years of experience in IT, Microsoft Certified Professional with Windows 10. Experienced with network cabling, managing DNS & domain names, along with being adaptable at troubleshooting various system and network problems. Enjoys getting to travel when possible, otherwise exploring the wide world of video games, books and movies!

Nathan Cotto

Senior Network Engineer

Nate is an experienced network engineer and systems administrator who can work on just about anything. For his clients he is an indispensable resource for collaboration, planning and designing secure networks not to mention and excellent customer service professional. He enjoys spending his time staying active, playing sports and traveling.

Ruth Munoz

Customer Support Administrator

Ruth has a very keen eye for attention to detail and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. She makes sure our resources in the field have all the support needed to take care of our customers. When she's not at work she likes to travel and spend time with her children.

TJ Bruning

Senior Network Architect

My biggest goal as a sales engineer is to talk with the client to better understand how their business operates, what they need from technology, and then to find the best most cost-effective solution to achieve their goals.  Sales is never about pushing the client to buy something they don’t need, it’s to educate them about what is available so they can make the most well-informed decision for their business.