Technology. Simplified.

We know you wear about a thousand hats. Computers and technology is probably one of the most complicated—but it doesn’t have to be.

As your outsourced IT department, Analytics can handle all the computer headaches for you. We’re a business too and understand that every minute counts. Whether you need computer support, help with technology equipment, network, servers, or all of the above, we’ll take the hassle out of IT. Just pick up the phone or send us an email when you need us.

Sound simple? It is. We love this stuff. Our experienced support technicians stay current with certifications and training. We’ve seen it all. We are master problem solvers, on top of our game, and we don’t expect you to pay for problems we can’t fix. That’s right—if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. That’s our guarantee.

Simplify your technology life by partnering with us.

We specialize in technology solutions and are committed to helping our business partners stay focused on what they do best. Hand this one over, and you can shift your attention back to those 999 other hats.

Fed up with your current computer guy?

We’re your partner in technology. And frankly, a dream come true for many small business owners. Unlike the one-man-show IT “solution,” or the agony of help lines that keep you waiting for hours, we provide solutions that actually work. You’ll partner with a dedicated support person—one of three people who run the help desk. They’ll know you by name and quickly learn all the ins and outs of your technology setup so you don’t have to explain your unique situation every time you call in. You’re more than just a number here. And when problems arise that can’t be solved over the phone, we’ll come to you.

Have an emergency and need help fast?

We understand that downtime can harm your business. If your systems are down, we can generally get a technician out the same day. But, we do more than just put out fires. We help prevent them in the first place. We’ll set you up with virus protection and regular system checks that catch routine problems before they snowball. That means you get more productivity out of your work time. Even better, it means you get to be blissfully ignorant about all the IT stuff.


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How Can We Help Support Your Small Business?

Uninterrupted focus.

You’re the expert in your industry. Take advantage of our expertise so you can focus on your business. A consistent and comprehensive IT program will help you focus on your bottom line.

Streamlined service.

We get it—you’re busy. We’ll handle the boring, technical stuff so that you can channel your energy into what really matters for your business.

Peace of Mind

Your business needs—and deserves—a reliable technology system. We do everything we can to prevent problems by doing the work right the first time. And when problems arise, we respond quickly to resolve them.

We're helping businesses just like yours to simplify their IT every day.

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